Designing for Business Growth

Finding and Extending your Growth Ignition Point

Regardless of your growth strategy, your key success factors are: attracting and retaining customers, improving product fit and increasing channel throughput. Growth Ignition Point We don’t start with traditional marketing thinking (the 4 P’s). Instead, we think of your sales engine as a machine. This process-driven approach will quickly help you identify and remove constraints to maximize sales throughput, and then systematically fine tune your entire process so you’re closing deals at terminal velocity.

Case Study: Microsoft Services

Microsoft Case Study Envisioning Microsoft Services mid-market support creates big wins in the market and inside the company.

  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • Triton Financial Services
  • Precise Software Solution
  • Sales and Marketing Diagnostics
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Sales Training, Tools, Incentives
  • Marketing Programs
  • Positioning
  • Business Case/Justifications
  • Faster Time-to-Results
  • Better Sales Execution
  • Leading indicators to make fine-tuned adjustments
  • Repeatable process to expand your ignition point (and dominate your market)