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T-Mobile’s multi-billion dollar wireless communications network makes their service one of the best in the markets they serve. The trouble was that few people knew it. Their biggest competitors spend 10x more on advertising their coverage, so T-Mobile had to find another way to get their message out. T-Mobile’s advantage lay with their award-winning retail operations and customer care organizations. If the company could increase the knowledge and confidence of these front-line representatives regarding coverage quality, they could carry the message forward to customers. T-Mobile turned to Ignition Point Consulting to embark on a crusade to bring the folks who knew the most about the network–their field technical engineers–together with customer representatives in a way that was consistent with T-Mobile’s “Stick Together” brand.

“We took a comprehensive approach to the opportunity. We had to get creative, given the demographic of our customer-facing staff (most under 30 years old) and the fact that the use of email and the web were frowned upon during their shift,” recalls Jessica Prince, Program Manager.

“SELL — Sales Engineering Local Liaisons” and its homophone “CELL — Care Engineering Local Liaisons” were designed to build personal connections, while educating customer-facing employees on the value of T-Mobile’s great network. Engineers visited stores and call centers regularly. They posted their photo and contact information along with coverage posters and contest announcements in call center locations and store backrooms. Perhaps the most effective component of the program was the automatically generated alerts that informed employees when coverage improved near their store or call center. Within the first 6 months of the program, front-line employee’s perceptions improved–over 80% of alert subscribers rated T-Mobile’s coverage the best in the industry in virtually all key coverage indicators.

“Ignition Point helped us design and implement the internal coverage awareness campaign. Not only did we meet our internal awareness objectives, we also achieved another unexpected outcome. Because of our great work, Marketing began advertising and creating in-store promotions around coverage for the first time.”

To learn more about T-Mobile’s coverage, visit www.t-mobile-coverage.t-mobile.com  

The Bottom Line

“To get our Coverage message out there, we had to get creative.” Jessica Prince, Program Manager, T-Mobile

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