“The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry,” Steinbeck waxed poetic. But there’s little poetic about the countless hours business leaders invest in building, tracking, and adjusting their strategic plans every year if their plans go unfulfilled. The difference between success and failure often depends on execution. Strategic Programs focus on execution – they put your Strategic Plans in action. <strong>Keys to Winning Programs</strong> Strategic programs drive goals outlined in the strategic plans. They shouldn’t take on the entire scope the Strategic Plan, but some key function of it. For instance, the product launch plan that is a key driver of your Growth strategy will need a Direct what cultural factors can promote or inhibit success. At a minimum, a clear communication program is key to igniting your people. As you start your Strategic Planning cycles, build a Strategic Program as your “Landing Plan”. A Strategic Program improves your chances of success by putting your plan into action. Because Strategic Programs are run by mid-level directors or frontline managers, Strategic Programs create a broad sense of ownership and accountability even before the planned changes takes effect.