Making Purpose your pathway to Profits. Some call it “Corporate Responsibility.” We call it just good business. Defining your Corporate Purpose (What does your company stand for?) can serve as a beacon for your customers, for your employees, and for your leadership when tough decisions need to be made. Customers employee voices are heard, cross-functional concerns are weighed, and that a culture for programmatic innovation can be sustained long after our engagement is done. That’s our Purpose. Some of my long-standing clients have affectionately called me “Mr. Integrity” because I have turned down business – yes, walked away from engagements – because I didn’t feel that I could honorably deliver the required services in the wake of other engagements and customers I was currently serving. Has our commitment to our purpose hurt our business? No way. In fact, Ignition Point Consulting has enjoyed >20% growth for each of the last four years. What's your purpose?