You have strategic vision of your organization. Employees can recite it in their sleep. Only now, a significant event (a layoff, a merger, a restructuring) has shaken your team to the core. It’s time to start communicating – perhaps updating – your vision again. In High Definition, every flaw shows, so you need to invest the time to make sure your vision is ready for increased scrutiny. When developing this new HD vision, consider:

1. Compatibility: How your vision lines up with your employees’ ideas of the future 2. Connection: A bridge to the existing Getting your audience to tune in Before you begin evangelizing your HD vision, have a plan for how you will achieve it. You don’t need all the answers. In fact, engaging key leaders within your team to help you develop solutions is a great way of creating a real sense of ownership in your vision. Your plan will help your employees to envision their role in reaching the goal. We will talk more about developing personal ownership in the vision in future blog posts.